Since we are dealing with highly confidential information pertaining to our affiliated clinics/hospitals, sponsors and volunteers within our corporate network, we fully understand that the security of our information system (hereinafter “the Information Asset”) is extremely important.

In order to prevent the Information Asset from being falsified, destroyed and/or leaked either by intent or mistake, we have fully committed to establishing a security policy as well as ensuring its reliability and effectiveness.

In accordance with our security policy, all employees who are dealing with the Information Asset must work in compliance with all of the following:

The information security committee that is established for the purpose of managing and ensuring the high level of security of the Information Asset.
The standardized operating procedures that are generated in accordance with the security policy in order to protect and manage the Information Asset.
All training sessions and related information provided, all of which serve to ensure/enhance the employees’ awareness on the security policy and ability to manage it.
We regularly audit and evaluate our security policy. Furthermore, revisions of the policy are made whenever necessary in order to increase the level of security.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding our security policy, please feel free to contact us.