Patient Centricity is a concept of drug development that takes into account the patient’s voice. We aim to promote this concept by matching our 180,000+ volunteer panel with pharmaceutical companies and our long history of supporting drug development.

Examples of support

Online interview match-up

Utilizing the detailed medical information database held by InCROM, we extract and match up panels with backgrounds of diseases, medication status, and clinical test values that pharmaceutical companies are looking for, thereby supporting the delivery of patient voices.
In addition, from a panel of more than 25,000 people who have participated in clinical trials, it is also possible to extract people who have experience in clinical trial-specific procedures such as PK blood sampling and medication diary entry.

Interviews with a panel of more than 180,000 volunteers

InCROM has a panel of more than 180,000 volunteers in cooperation with the medical corporation Heishin-kai. From this panel, we are able to conduct questionnaires and interviews focusing on age and medical history. For example, we can conduct a survey on attitudes toward injectable drugs versus oral drugs, or on attitudes toward setting up a placebo group. The results can be used to realize drug development from the patient’s perspective.
In addition, this panel includes detailed medical information such as the volunteer’s medical history and drug taking history. This information can also be used to conduct impact studies of criteria (selection and exclusion criteria). This information can be utilized for efficient and accurate protocol design.

Epidemiological study using a volunteer panel of over 180,000 people

InCROM has a volunteer panel of more than 180,000 people in collaboration with the medical corporation Heishin-kai. We are able to conduct epidemiological surveys to understand the actual market situation by setting the scope of the survey according to your needs. For example, we can conduct a survey on the actual use of drugs for each disease, or on various lifestyle habits such as diet, etc. Although the survey is conducted on a scale of 100,000 people, it is possible to grasp statistical trends with little cost burden.

Advice from staff with a thorough understanding of clinical trials and subject psychology

Over the past 40 years, InCROM has accumulated a wide variety of experience in supporting clinical trials. Our staff, who have been involved in various clinical trials and have supported many subjects, can provide advice on how to realize patient-centered trials by utilizing their knowledge and experience. For example, we can provide advice from the standpoint of the subject regarding the degree of restrictions on various tests during the trial and the setting of realistic points for tests to be performed over time, including pharmacokinetic blood sampling.


In addition to the above, we will support the promotion of “Patient Centricity” by utilizing our panel of more than 180,000 volunteers and our accumulated know-how in conducting clinical trials.